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    Printed Matter, Inc. presents

    September 20-23,2018
    Preview: Thursday, September 20, 6-9pm
    MoMA PS1

    Participation Artists from PEPPER'S PROJECT NY
    Reggie Shiobara, Yasuo Wakaiki, Kyoka, Tomoko Iki, Akiha Yamakami, Yuki Neo, Sonomi Kobayashi, kiriko Shirobayashi, Yuko K., Shizuka Ide, Sayako Soma, Mayu Oishi, Azusa Hayashi Komori, Yuriko Yamamoto, Takuji Otsuka, Yoshinori Tomiyama+Seiji Kumagai



    Reggie Shiobara
    Photographer. Born in Chiba, Japan in 1978. He received his BFA and MFA from
    Tokyo University ofthe Arts in 2008. 
    He moved to New York in 2009 and started his career under the instruction by
     AnnieLeibovitz. He got numerous awards 
    and fellowships including the U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Program (2014), 
    the Overseas Study Program for Artists, the Agency 
    for Cultural Affairs, Japanese Government (2013) and the Pola Art Foundation 
    Fellowship (2009). His recent solo exhibition,
    “Weather Fronts” was held at Sannga Gallery, New York in 2016.
    Yasuo Wakaiki 
    Yasuo Wakaiki  ( born 1946) is a Japanese-born photographer  based in Japan. 
    Wakaiki graduated Tokyo College of Photography in 1969 and started working
    at Soei in Osaka. He was working as a commercial photographer and 
    subsequently established his own studio, “Space Photo” in 1982. In the mean 
    time, he started have an interested in Dance and Entertainment industry after 
    he shot for Dance stage. Yasuo decided to stay for a while in New York to 
    pursue more commitment for Dance industry photograph. And he found the 
    apartment at 135th Street in Harlem. He was welcomed by Harlem community 
    and began capturing the Life of community in Harlem from 1982 till 1995.  
    He renamed his company as “ I photo Style” which specialized Kimono style 
    photography.  He was diagnosed as ALS in early 2017 very unfortunately.  
    He decided to have a photo exhibition in Harlem which he dreamed of for 
    long time. 
    The exhibition “We Live in Harlem” was held in June, 2018 in Dwyer Cultural 
    Center.  His artworks were invited to United Nation’s Panel discussion in 
    September, 2018 “The Media for Social Impact Summit” for Sustainable 
    Development Goal .  
    Born in Aomori,Japan.
    Kyoka has travelled more than 20 countries when she was 20 years old. 
    She had been doing ethnic embroidery during working as a beekeeper 
    in Hungary. She has been in NY from last autumn, started making art 
    book since 2018.
    Tomoko Iki
    Born in Japan
    Activities based in New York and Tokyo
    Once, when I was dancing in the forest, I had an epiphany: when I dance in
    nature, nature also dances with me.I could feel the rhythm and pulse of 
    my surroundings and how it connected to my own physical self.So I started 
    to capture this theme. I became both a dancer and a photographer at the
    same time. 
    When I dance, I can improvise an expression of the emotions that I feel, my
    own femininity and my spirit, just as they are.No ancient tribe was without 
    their own sense of dance. There is a universal, fundamental desire for it.
    I am interested in why humans dance, how humans connect nature to others,
    and why dancing in nature is so liberating. My pieces are kinetic, intricate, 
    and they convey minute details.The photos are fundamentally abstract, 
    but embody organic patterns.Through the use of layered nature photography, 
    I try to convey how movement through dance brings us forward toward truth.
    Akiha Yamakami
    Akiha Yamakami was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan in 1984. She studied at
    2009 MA in Printmaking, Lithography major at the graduate school of Tama 
    Art University,Tokyo. She lives and works in New York City from 2012. She 
    creates soft sculpture works with print and cloths upon the theme of human 
    body. She actively presents her work both in Japan and in overseas. Started 
    to collaborate with dance projects a few years ago. She makes costumes for 
    dancers as well.
    Yuki Neo
    Born in Takamatsu, Japan, Yuki Neo is a New York based photographer
    focusing on environmental portraiture and street photography.  Yuki 
    received her BA from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and a MS in 
    Advertising from Northwestern University.  While working at several 
    major advertising agencies in both the US and Japan, Yuki developed 
    an eye and love for photography.  In 2011 enrolled in the International 
    Center of Photography and studied with frontline professionals.  
    Sonomi Kobayashi
    Born and raised in Japan, Sonomi Kobayashi, is a New York based painter and 
    printmaker who is interested in science, physics, stars, nature, and spirituality.
    Her work is symbolic and abstract.  Her recent oil paintings are based on 
    images that she saw during her meditation.  She also paints symbolic shapes 
    that she finds attractive in nature. Her ink drawings and printmaking works 
    are organic and abstract.  She likes to mix traditional and contemporary 
    echniques and experiment with materials, color, and shapes.
    Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Europe, including 
    Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (NYC), Lesley Heller Workspace (NYC), 
    Galerie ARTAe, (Leipzig Germany), Galerie La (Tokyo), and The National Art 
    Center (Tokyo).  She received Will Barnet Grant in Printmaking in 2013. She 
    has done residencies at MASS MoCA (MA), Vermont Studio Center(VT), 
    Vytlacil Campus, (NY), and Cat'Art Contemporary Art Centre (France). She 
    also has participated in art book fairs at MoMA PS1, Printed Matter, and 
    Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York.
    Kiriko Shirobayashi
    My works contain complex meanings not only by their direct transmissions but 
    also their reminiscences. The corners of our minds, which conceal what we 
    carry underneath our consciousness and unconsciousness, are of supreme 
    interest to me. My work is not necessarily intended to direct anyone in any 
    direction, but more to illuminate aspects of our existence and encourage the 
    viewer to develop their own concept. It is by this method, I believe, that art 
    cultivates understanding and exhibits its own inherent value.
    After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, I moved to the United States 
    going on to graduate from the School of Visual Arts with a MFA in Photography 
    and Related Media. I have been exhibiting my work including Allentown Art 
    Museum, the Center for Photography at Woodstock, the Houston Center for 
    Photography, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Onoma Center, 
    Finland, the 5th Pingyao International Festival and the National Museum of 
    I have received awards from GEN ART, LMCC and Photography 21 and have 
    completed residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Headlands Center for the 
    Arts, and Santa Fe Art Institute.
    Yuko K.
    I believe the existence of any artist’s sense of view must be reflected by the 
    memories of their experiences. 
    To me, the method of taking photographs and videos symbolize the importance 
    of time. 
    Suspending the equal value for both passing time and present time, gives me 
    a diverse creator’s awareness and ability to recall memories of past experiences 
    I had almost lost in the transforming, changing figure.  
    After I graduated art university in Japan, I began working as a freelance 
    illustrator and painting instructor along with my fine art painting and later
    moved to New York City. Currently I am living in NYC and work with various 
    materials in painting, printmaking, illustration, mixed media, photographs and 
    videos for the methodology of contemporary art.  
    Shizuka Ide 
    Born in Shizuoka .
    Living in Tokyo.
    Graduated from the Musashino Art University .
    She is mainly drawing semiabstract illustration.
    Sayako Soma
    Graduated from Tama Art University, majored in Graphic Design. Learned fine 
    art in her childhood and this turned to make me to be deeply interested in art.
    I just started her career in design industry 2017.
    The book “SHINNOSUKE HARIYA” was born by the collaboration of me and 
    This book is the collected works of an Japanese artist Sinnosuke Hariya who 
    usually draw his picture with a pencil.
    Mayu Oishi
    Illustration expresses the space and material casually existing in daily life.
    While studying at university, "Mr. Wall socket" was produced. In addition, 
    I'm making illustration of various patterns and characters.
    1995 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
    2018 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan expected in 2019
    Azusa Hayashi Komori
    is a photographer and an artist, based in Tokyo, Japan.
    She has graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design.
    She is using every representation by photography and pursuing original vision 
    of herself.
    Exhibitions and Works
    2010 「MEMORIES」(solo exhibition / Pepper's Gallery / Tokyo)
    2011-2018「JAPANESE YOUNG ARTISTS' BOOKS FAIR」(New York Kinokuniya 
    Book Stores, Printed Matter etc. / New York)
    2012-2017「The NY Art Book Fair」(MoMA PS1/ New York)
    2014 Google+ page「Nikon Photomentary」(produced by Nikon) photographer 
    of January
    2015 「TOKYO art crossing BERLIN」(neurotitan gallery, Motto Berlin / Berlin)
        「DJ OKAWARI Official Website」promotional photography
    Yuriko Yamamoto
    I was born in Hyogo in 1979.
    I began making various experiential installations since my childhood, and in 
    2002 I graduated from Kyoto Seika University Art Department and became 
    the youngest winner of PHILIP MORRIS K.K.ARTAWARD 2002  P.S.1 award. 
    After that, mainly in Kyoto, I continue to make and present experiential 
    installation works both in Japan and overseas.
    I'm interested in making sceanly and feelings that I bring from audience to 
    main character 
    what various storieming situation. A pile of small episodes brings us an 
    extreme excitement in our daily life.
    I try to keep searching for expressing ways to exchange the experience of 
    the audience in daily life for ones under my pieces successfully in order to 
    make them have excitements.
    Takuji Otsuka
    Having been visiting Italy since 2010 and taking photographs of it, I am 
    sometimesasked: “Why Italy?” For me, I would rather question: “On the 
    contrary, is there any place other than Italy?” The trail of history where 
    city-state Rome was created in 753 BC by the twin brothers Romulus 
    and Remus who were raised by wolves; and it developed from Republic 
    to Imperial Rome under the protection of Gods.
    Isn’t it worth devoting one’s life to take photographs of the streets 
    with remnants ofsuch heritages as well as people? Stillness and motion, 
    the negative and the positive, those in the opposite. God and something 
    called Death. Stability and the sense of instability. The thought conceived 
    deeply through taking photographs for a long period of time has started 
    to be photographed in the domain of unconsciousness and gathered.
    The process of selecting photographs based on multiple key words is a 
    completely different act from the one during taking photographs, 
    eplacing those unconsciously photographed with musical scores of 
    And finally, there has started to emerge something “vague” that is not 
    concrete nor canbe described as abstract.
    Yoshinori Tomiyama+Seiji Kumagai
    「Time after time / Time for time」
    We used the Polaroid 809 film which expired in November 2001 and 
    photographed each Tokyo by Mr. Yoshinori Tomiyama and Mr. Kumagai 
    Seiji from 2015 to 16 years.
    Yoshinori Tomiyama
    Born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1953
    Learning from Nippon University art department photograph subject in 1972
    2014  photo exhibition  'Ao no Michi'   Ikebukuro Sunshine Gallery
    2014  published  'A complete work of Okinawa’s Beach 505'
    2012  photo exhibition  'Old Ryukyu road'  Naha-shi RyuBou Hall
    Kumagai Seiji
    Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido in 1966.
    Graduated from Nippon Kogakuin College in 1987
    2013  photo exhibition 'In the Haru Iroha Kasumi' (POETIC SCAPE)
    2009  photo book 'THE TITLE PAGE' (Bookshop M)
    1994  The 10th Photograph New Century Public Offering Excellence Award
           'The 3rd Photographic New Century Exhibition' Annual Grand Prix Award.