May 2018 PEPPER'S PROJECT has relocated its base to New York.

The project has been re-organized by artists, and is expanding to become a world-wide project.

The first program, The NY Art Book Fair will begin at MoMA PS1 in September 2018.

To attend the program is conducted as an international open call for Japanese artists.

If you are interested, please visit the Artists’ Books Project homepage.

Kiriko Shirobayashi / Director

Live in Japan

Graduated from MFA program, School of Visual Arts.

Involved in producing and translating photographers' artbooks as well as her own artbooks being published by several publishers including Nazraeli, a photography book publisher, and Harry N. Abrams which is the first publishing company in the United States to specialize in the creation and distribution of art books. She is an artist and has attended several residences such as MacDowell Colony and Headland Art Center and has had numerous exhibitions including shows at The Arlington Art Museum, The Delaware Contemporary, and Houston Center for Photography.

She has received awards from LMCC and Gen Art Award for her personal artworks. For the NY Art Book Fair, she will organize and direct the projects, and plans to expand other coincided book projects as well as exhibition projects.

Yuko. K/Project Manager / Coordinator

After graduating from art school in Japan and working for various clients including Sony Magazines, she moved to the USA. Here, she went on to be involved with not only the illustration and design fields, but also started to work as coordinator and writer for publications.

She recently coordinated the publishing of NY based Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara’s interview book titled “Genkotsu de Sekai o Kaero!” (“Change the World with a Fist!” published by Sun Post. Co., Ltd.) She was also involved in the editing and photography for this publication.

In addition, as an artist, she is working with various materials in painting, printmaking, illustration, photography and video, and is also planning and coordinating various projects.

Hiro Shiraishi / Project Support

Live in Japan

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts

Opened Pepper’s Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, and started to support young Japanese artists in 1998. Worked as director of Pepper’s Project for over 20 years and expanded various art projects overseas, as well as gallery projects.

In 2018 he changed to a supportive role when Pepper’s Project shifted its base to New York.